In the spring of 1999, I stumbled upon one of the rarest cars on earth… and it changed my life forever.

Here I am, a lanky teenager living in the middle-of-nowhere New Jersey, playing basketball in my driveway when I catch wind from a neighbor that he just saw “some odd-looking car with 3-seats” down at the gas station at the end of town. 

Like you, I was car-crazy since birth, and spent the majority of my time-consuming Best Motoring DVD’s, playing car video games, and reading every car magazine I could get my hands… and I just so happened to have recently gotten my hands on the December 1998 issue of Road & Track… with some “odd-looking car with 3-seats” on the cover, as the fastest car ever tested. 

Could it be? Here amongst the cornfields, the fastest car in the world?!

I grabbed my (disposable) camera and ran as fast as I could the ¾ mile down the road to the gas station and there it sat… rarer than rare, more exotic than any car on the road, complete unobtanium…. a McLaren F1.

And not just any McLaren F1… THE McLaren F1, chassis SA9AB5AC1S1048042. THE cover car from the December 1998 issue of Road & Track. THE McLaren F1 that hit a top speed of 240.1 MPH. THE McLaren F1 driven by Mario Andretti. THE ONE AND ONLY. 

And so began my life-long obsession with McLaren F1 SA9AB5AC1S1048042. 

Today, the car lives in Montana and although I don’t own SA9AB5AC1S1048042 (yet), I own my story and passion for it… and that’s why I created the VIN Nifty project.

VIN Nifty’s are digital collectibles that allow you to share your passion for amazing cars and their stories with others.

Each VIN Nifty is based on an actual vehicle identification number and carries the attributes as well as the storied history of that unique car.

As the owner of a VIN Nifty, you can add to the history authored in the description or by adding other digital assets such as videos and pictures. YOU help curate the story.

Ownership also includes verifiable access to the VIN Nifty Discord channel where you can connect with other owners, automotive influencers, and the VIN Nifty team to help steer the future of the project.

Also, because each VIN Nifty token is minted on the ethereum blockchain, they are tradable, sellable, and portable – meaning you can take your VIN Nifty with you as you start to explore the metaverse.

And that’s just the beginning.

We’re planning to host online and in-person events only accessible by VIN Nifty token holders. And because of the interoperable nature of the metaverse, as others develop unique automotive experiences and games on top of the VIN Nifty dapp, you’ll be able to participate using your 1-of-1 token.

Unlike other NFT collections where the entire collection is dropped all at once, VIN Nifty drops will happen multiple times per year around major automotive events such as Amelia Island and Monterey Car Week. And although I don’t know exactly how many VIN Nifty’s will be minted in total, there can only be 106 McLaren F1s or 186 Murcielago SV’s because there only exists 106 actual McLaren F1s and only 186 actual Murcielago SVs. The supply of VIN Nifty’s is predicated on the supply of the cars produced by the factory.

So how much can you purchase a VIN Nifty for?

Well, the market will determine that. The price of MeeBits at drop averaged around $8,000 when they launched their collection of 9,999. VeeFriends sold for roughly $1,950 each when all 10,255 characters dropped and Board Apes averaged about $189.

We will be launching our first drop using a “Dutch” style auction where the price starts at its highest point and goes lower and lower until someone purchases the VIN Nifty. Right now, the starting price will be 3 ETH with a floor of .05 ETH.

Potentially, for the initial drop price of a Board Ape, you’ll own a piece of automotive history along with:

  • 3D Art by the VIN Nifty team
  • Ability to add to the VIN Nifty’s history
  • Access to our annual VIN Nifty meetup during Amelia Island car week for 3 years
  • Access to the VIP channel in our Discord server
  • and whatever the future holds!

So to stay on top of drops all you need to do is join our email list. By subscribing you will have the inside advantage and be one of the first collectors of VIN Nifty’s knowing what’s dropping and when.

Curate automotive history. Show your passion.

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